Visegrád Found - Exchange Program

At the beginning of December, 15 Polish students and their teachers from Gdansk came to Hungary to Pécs to participate in an exchange student program. First they flew from Gdansk to Warsaw and then to Budapest. They made a short sightseeing in Budapest and arrived by train to Pécs in the evening.

On the first day we met at the Barbakán in the morning. In the first half of the day we solved tasks in groups, in the city center using Actionbound application. It was really good because the tasks was about the culture and history of Pécs and we  could learn about it. After this program we had lunch in the Zsolnay Quarter. After lunch we went back to the city center and while walking, we took pictures of the famous and nice buildings of Pécs, for example: the National Theater or the mosque on the Széchényi square. We compared these buildings to the original ones in our city’s past.

On the second day we met again at the Barbakán. Our first way led to the Vasarely Museum. In the museum we attended a lecture about the works, the family and the life of Victor Vasarely. It was very interesting to see his art. After the museum we had some free time in the city center. On the main square the Christmas market had opened so there we ate ‘kürtöskalács’, drank hot tea and some Polish students bought souvenirs for their family members. In the afternoon we went to the Cella Ceptichora that is a museum under the ground, where there are many graves of Roman people who lived in Pécs in the first centuries. We visited another museum, it was about the university in Pécs in the middle ages, that was the first university in Hungary.

On Wednesday we went to our school to recreate one of the pictures of Vasarely. We worked in small groups, we got a little piece of the picture that we needed to repaint. When all of the groups finished with their small parts, we glue all the pieces together and then it became one of picture of Vasarely. Before lunch we visited a Turkish shrine. In the afternoon we went to the Laser Corner, which was great. That is a place where two or more team fight against each other in a big cellar with laser guns. We spent 2 hours there. After the laser fight we went to the Kórház tér to visit the mosque. In the mosque we listened to a lecture about life in Pécs under the Turkish rule.

The last day arrived. We met in the school. In the morning we had time to make an album of the photos what we made on the first day. The lunch was delicious, our two teachers made Hungarian goulash soup and pancakes. In afternoon we had a dance party. On Friday the Polish students went back home.

I think these 5 days were awesome because we met a lot of new people from an other country, we could use our English knowledge and we made a lot of friendship.

Zsebők Lőrinc